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Peptide Synthesis

CASLO ApS offers reliable customer designed peptides at low prices. Products from CASLO are delivered worldwide, and we have regular customers in more than ten countries. Please contact CASLO with the information necessary for the peptide synthesis and you will receive a very competitive price quotation within 24 hours. CASLO gives fast and professional support and products are delivered with money back guarantee. Please see the menus on top of this page for the different peptide services, price quotations etc.

CASLO can assist with different types of support, before and after ordering, for example with predicting the solubility of a peptide, finding the correct fluorochrome to be conjugated, advises about stabilisation of a peptide, identifying sequences for immunization and other types of support.

Peptides are HPLC purified after peptide synthesis, and peptides can be delivered in nearly all purities from crude or 70% up to higher than 90%, 95%, 98% or 99%. The correct sequence is controlled by mass spectrometry.

Peptides made by solid phase peptide synthesis can be delivered in nearly all quantities and with a large range of modifications. The peptide can for example be conjugated to carrier proteins, conjugated to fluorochromes, the sequence can be made with unnatural amino acids, disulfide bonds and a large number of other modifications. Please see the menu “peptide modification service” for more information.

Peptides are always delivered as lyophilized material. Loaded side chains are counterbalanced by counterions like trifluoroacetate (TFA) or chloride according to the order for the peptide service.

Peptides are delivered with detailed certificates for the peptide synthesis including HPLC certificate, mass spectrometry certificate and detailed peptide information and instructions.