Price Quotations

If you need a price quotation please send an e-mail to:  Alternatively you can send a fax or you can fill in the contact form below. You can also telephone us.

The best is if you write the peptide sequence(s), but if this is not possible, then as minimum the number of amino acids. Please write the quantity and purity you are interested in and also if you need any modifications. Please let us know if you need assistance with identifying the correct purity or modification.

If you are interested in an anti-peptide antibody, please write the peptide sequence and write if the antibody shall be purified. CASLO can eventually assist you with identifying the correct sequence.

You will receive a very competitive price quotation within 24 hours. Prices are inclusive delivery by courier.

Detailed instructions for how to order the product are written in the price quotation. 


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